About Us
Keeping your pet SAFE while you are away is our job; keeping your pet HAPPY is our pleasure.

Keeping your pet safe while you are away is one of our fundamental services; keeping your pet happy is our specialty. We work around the clock to make sure that our facilities are clean, comfortable, and safe for your pet. Our air-conditioned and heated state-of-the-arf kennel facilities accommodate pets of all sizes. We love to see our former guests wagging their tails in excitement upon returning to The Dog Wash. Cats may be too reserved to wag their tails, but the feline friends who frequent our establishment do express signs of contentment (or at least, comfortable acceptance).

As we look forward to meeting and getting to know new friends and their pets, we offer for your convenience our New Client Form and The Dog Wash Guidelines to streamline your first visit.

get fit games
For just an hour or for a day of good exercise and socialization, The Dog Wash offers a full array of activities and fun, in controlled outdoor play yards or comfortable indoor playground; see specific service for inclusions and pricing.

get fit programs
When you are away, for just a night or for much longer, our state-of-the-arf kennel facilities are suitable for pets of all sizes and levels of pampering; see specific service for inclusions and pricing.

beneficial indulgences
The staff at The Dog Wash is eager to fulfill the needs of your pets and understands that even the most content and healthiest of pets often need special attention; see specific service for inclusions and pricing.